"Tips" for the Festival-Goer



Mar 03, 2011 |
2011 Lineup Announced on March 3
Stay tuned for what is rumored to be the biggest and best lineup in the history of The Beale Street Music Festival.



2011 Beale Street Music Festival Tips and Secrets


1. Guys, Wear Beads. You know what they're for, so don't give them out unless you see the goods! A smooth negotiator can get into some clubs and even get free drinks at some clubs with a few beads.

2. If you're going into the festival, Wear mud Boots. It rains almost every year.

3. Get a room near Beale Street. There are several Hotels within walking distance of Beale Street and we can't stress it enough ...Staying near Beale is worth it's weight in gold!

4. If you get there early enough there are SEVERAL parking spaces within feet of Beale Street that a Motor home can park in. We did this one year and it was incredible!

5. Bring Walkie Talkies. If you get separated from your group you will never find them without them.

6. Most people don't realize that some of the best action is on Beale Street itself. Don't spend all of your time in the park watching the concerts. Go to Beale Street and PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!

7. Respect the law. Don't do STUPID ACTS in front of the police. Memphis cops are very friendly and will pretty much look the other way for a lot of things but don't flaunt illegal activity in front of them.

8. Big Secret, There's a parking lot at the end of Beale Street right across from the Orpheum Theatre. Park your car there and keep a cooler in it with your favorite beverages. You'll have a pit stop on your way to and from the concert area to have a quick cheap drink. You'll have to get here at the right time to get parking in this lot but it's worth the time and money you'll save instead of buying expensive drinks on Beale Street.

9. One of the best drink deals you can find on Beale Street is at a little place called Wet Willies. When you walk in, the place looks like a Dairy Queen because of all the frozen drink machines, but don't be fooled! Their "Call a cab" is one of the strongest drinks to be had on Beale. If you drink 2 or more, you're on your way to trouble!

10. Another Beale Street "must do" can be found at Silky's. It's those Yellow buckets you see everyone carrying around. They're called a "diver" because if you drink one you will go down!

11. "Texas De Brazil" One of the Memphis downtown's cooler restaurants can be found less than a block off of Beale. It's about $50 a person to eat there but it is way worth it! (you'll need reservations)

12. Buy your t-shirts in advance below. It can save you some cold hard cash!

Good Luck! We wish we could tell you more, but we have to keep the best secrets to our self :)